Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thing # 15

Wow that was a powerful video about education and student time. i graduated in 2005 and completely agreed with everything they said on there. i didnt buy any textbooks unless i had to, like in spanish or math where we worked out of the book everyday, or if there was a non fiction novel that we had to read. i pretty much always wanted to do research on the internet, it was such a pain to have to go to the library and go through the catalog figuring out what books i needed and if they had them, and then 1/2 of them are checked out. i understand why books are valuable, i love them, but as far as research goes they are outdated. i have worlds of knowledge right here at my fingertips, which maybe makes all of us a little lazy too. im glad i learned how to use the system, but unless i am going to the library i wont ever use it. libraries need to become more technology oriented while incorpoarting the books that they have, but i guess there are many icebergs along the way to doing that.

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Mrs. Abshire said...

I feel the same way you do about the average college student. I graduated in 2005 as well and I didn't read a single page that I didn't think I would help me pass a test.