Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing # 10

This thing was fun! i went to the happy face generator link on the library2play website, you can make a comic, a sign or just type somthing out, which is what i did. you can scroll though different colors and effects to add to your writing. then for the maps i went to the big huge labs website and clicked on map maker. they also had lots of other links on the big huge labs site also. but on mao maker you can create maps in any color, for the whole world or just a certain region or where youve been, which is what i created, or you can make a where i want to map! I could use this in geography very easily. i can post the region that we are studying on the blog, or have the students show me where they haven been and where they want to go. these are fun things that you can use in any class or library that the student will not only learn about what you are teaching, but technology also.

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Grendel said...

Great idea! I love it when players can find ways to enhance their teaching!