Monday, June 9, 2008

Thing # 6

I like the Flickr color picker, but altough i am not a librarian i liked the trading card maker the best. It would be useful for history because the students could create a trading card for the various people throughout history. The students can include a picture of the person, have a title and then a description of what the person did; perfect for studying!!! then they can post their creations on the blog so everyone will know the important achievements of each person, or event!


Grendel said...

Yes! Great idea! There are so many uses for the cards and magazine covers, puzzles, etc. All those toys were intriguing. I even made a large trading card for my father and framed it for Father's Day. He loves being reminded of his more memorable escapades! Not school related, but fun anyway :)

LKP said...

I agree about the Trading Cards, and what a fun way for kids to display the facts they have learned about a person or invention too!?!?