Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing # 9

Which method of finding feeds did you find easiest to use?I really liked Google Blog Search, I actually found many other Library2Play particiapant's blogs. The information seemed closer to what i was looking for.

Which Search tool was the easiest for you?they were are fairly easy to use. I do like tpoix and technorati for finding new information. It was nice to be able to click on a topic rather than thinking of something myself.

Which was more confusing? None of them were really confusing, except the Suprglu link was not working when i tried clicking on it.

What kind of useful feeds did you find in your travels? Or what kind of unusual ones did you find? I found many interesting health and entertainment links from the NY Times, MSNBC, CNN.

What other tools or ways did you find to locate newsfeeds? I just typed in my usual sights and looked for the orange smybol to subscribe, it was very easy to add to google reader, even if you did have to copy and paste the address.

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Grendel said...

That's true....You are really coming along fast! I can't wait for your other posts!