Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing # 7

For this thing I looked at all the Google tools, they are all very useful! I never knew about all of these tools that were out there. I especially liked Google Earth, which I have heard of and used before. I will definetley be using this next year in my Geography class. Somewhere, though I am not sure where, there is a list on Long and Lats that you can type in and periodically look at specific placed around the world. I know there was one for Darfur, so you could see what was occuring a village over time through satellite imagery. I also really liked iGoogle. I put Wikkipedia, live weather, national geographic photos, the to do list, i think about every tool they had on the best list. plus i changed my screen so it showed 1/2 the Earth from space at night and 1/2 at day, really neat! i think i can use this for my class by having my students create their own personalized pages and i can supply some of the links that i think will be useful for the year. The Calendar is helpful too, not only for me, but i can make one to share with the students to know when tests and quizzes are.


Grendel said...

I love your enthusiasm and can't wait to see what all you will be doing with your classes this fall!

Ms J said...

I liked your ideas for the different applications.