Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing # 8

What do you like about RSS and newsreaders? I like that i dont have to type in each site, or go to my favorites each time i want to go to the site. i can just have it all at one place.

How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your school or personal life?
The students can create readers for themselves and use them to look up information they need to reaserch projects. Plus it is useful to me, because i can look up the information that i want to see faster.

How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology? They can have those sites that students can use put into the readers ahead of time, and it is organized so that students can find the information more easily. Plus librarians can create research oriented lessons using this technology so the students can learn about it now and be able to use in the future, since things are obviously moving in that direction.

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Grendel said...

Wouldn't it be fun and exciting to work on a collaborative teacher/librarian project in the fall! Let's!