Monday, June 23, 2008

Thing # 12

I think that two important things to remember about posting comments are that you need to be polite and you should actually say something of substance. No one wants to read comments that are full of wow your so right, and cool. And no one wants to read comments with a bunch of insults. People have to remember that just because you cant see the person, doesnt mean that they dont have feelings. no one would blog anymore if that was all that anyone ever said.
It was fun commenting on other peoples blogs. at first i was nervous and wasnt really sure what to say, but the more comments i made the easier it became. i chose to comment on an outside blog about global warming and another one about gas prices because these are extremely important issues today that i felt like i could say something worthy of being posted. i also chose them because i did not agree with them, so i got to put some of those commenting rules to use!


LKP said...

I agree, for me the hardest thing always seems to be What do I say??? But all of the Library2Play blogs are so different and interesting that I almost always find something to comment on or about! Good job, keep playing!

Sally said...

I think you are right, always be polite. People can be rude and write terrible things. Sometimes people just make stuff up for no reason.